Although most of this happened before I arrived on the scene the memory of the event is still quite vivid.
My wife was working in a clothing store in the mall at the time and I arrived to give her a lift home.
I walked into the employee area at the back, was almost suffocated by fumes and met my wife, Cheryl (another employee) and the store manager barreling out of the space in a terrible state.

It had all started when Cheryl took a trip to the ladies room.
Upon entering she discovered a spider sitting on the toilet and, being the sophisticated person the store had hired, she screamed and ran out of there.
A conference was held on the sales floor and it was decided that Cheryl and my wife would go in and take care of the intruder.
They both entered the bathroom and stared at the spider. - The spider stared back.
The girls retreated to regroup and come up with a plan.
No-one wanted to get too close to this dangerous preditor so they looked around for a weapon long enough to swat the thing from the doorway.
The best they could come up with was a rolled magazine and since it was Cheryl's spider she was sent in to do the deed.
After several minutes there was a loud bang and Cheryl came running out slamming the door behind her.
"Did you kill it?" my wife asked.
"I don't know. I was too scared to look." she replied.
After another debate my wife decided she must go in and make sure the threat was over. She saw the magazine immediately and carefully picked it up. -- No spider --
Back in the showroom again the manager suggested getting the flashlight and trying to locate where it was hiding but being a good manager she delegated this job to Cheryl.
By this time a mass hysteria had begun to settle on these three ladies but Cheryl dutifully went back in only to find that the spider had once again reappeared and was now watching her from the back of the toilet. She quickly left.
During the next council of war in the showroom they agreed that what was needed was a weapon of mass destruction such as a can of Raid which could be emptied into the room and left to do it's work. After much searching through the stockroom such a weapon was found and deployed but it was old and almost empty and they realised it was not going to be enough.
Management skills were obviously needed at this point so the manager came up with the brilliant idea, backed up by her troops, that the fire extinguisher was the next best thing to the Raid. It was a large canister type extinguisher with attached hose so that the nozzle could be directed accurately at a fire. With my wife holding the canister and the manager directing the spray they flung the door open and began firing. Whether her finger stuck on the lever or she was just too freaked to stop we never found out but she almost emptied that fire extinguisher into the bathroom. Foam and fumes were everywhere and that is when I arrived.
After finding out that there was, in fact, no fire I looked into the bathroom, saw the spider struggling in the foam on the counter where it had been blown by the blast and reached over with a Kleenex putting it out of it's misery.
Having no window and only a small extractor fan the bathroom was rendered uninhabitable for several days after the attack and the store manager was reprimanded for misuse of a safety device.