This is not a memory but happened on the day of writing
I am sure it will become a memory however.

I was outside building a new fence at the side of our house and Mandy my small dog was helping when suddenly a huge crow swooped down coming within a few inches of Mandy as it passed. It landed on the shed and proceeded to give us a real tongue lashing, as only a crow can do.
My immediate thought was that a crow must be down in our yard somewhere and this was a warning to stay away but a complete search turned up nothing and as soon as my back was turned the crow dive bombed Mandy again. I sent Mandy inside because, at ten pounds, I think this crow outweighed her by quite a bit and then I had a loud argument with the crow which he won by volume if not content. I retired to the garage to build a gate and when I came back out Mandy followed. This time she stayed in the covered area of the patio by the table but the crow was back and managed to do a bombing run under the roof and around the table once again coming within inches. This time Mandy took the hint herself and went inside but I was becoming concerned that we were to be terrorised in our own home for the coming summer.
Having got rid of Mandy the crow now turned its attention on me and began swooping close and telling me off. I swatted uselessly at it as it went by but that didn't phase it so I just had to continue and try to ignore it.
After another trip to the garage I came out warily looking for the crow and saw something black on the ground by the far fence. It was a huge but obviously young crow. I told the swooping father that I would help but he just kept passing closer and closer to my head.
Crouching very close to the fence to avoid the attacks I picked up the youngster and put him on top of the fence but he fluttered immediately down into the neighbour's yard and ran to the corner of the house. I figured his best chance was to get high enough to learn how to fly so I decided to throw him on top of the neighbour's trailer which was standing in the driveway.
As I went around the end of the fence the crow noise was increasing and this time I was hit hard in the back of the head by the stupid thing. Didn't it realise I was trying to help?
I looked up and counted 8 crows circling above and creating a terrible racket. Taking my life in my hands I picked up the baby and threw it on the trailer. It came back to the edge and looked down at me but didn't jump off this time.
I decided to leave and let the parents take over as did the rest of the circling crows. The noise stopped so I guess I did the right thing and our yard is now free of dive bombing attack crows.
The youngster has now gone so I am presuming he finally learned what his wings were for.