Recently a raccoon came into our kitchen through the dog door and seemed quite put out when we shooed it out and locked the door.

That brought to mind another incident involving a raccoon which my wife found quite hilarious although I didn't share her glee at the time.

It was a time when we owned two large dogs,
a German Shepherd
and Pepper,
a Doberman Pincher.

On the day in question we had a large snowfall and the dogs had had a marvelous time playing in the snow with us in our back yard.

That night I had already gone to bed and my wife had let the dogs out for the last time before locking us in for the night.
The back yard was completely fenced so we knew they wouldn't get into any trouble but this night they began to bark and bark and no amount of commands would make them stop. It was already midnight and that kind of ruckus would wake the neighbours so I got out of bed to find out what was the problem.

My wife figured they had something cornered at the back of the yard but there was not enough light to tell what it might be. She was afraid the neighbour's cat had done the unthinkable and strayed into their domain.

Without thinking I ran out wearing nothing but my PJ bottoms and plowed through the snow to find out what poor animal was cowering in the corner.
As I approached I started to be able to make out a shape and to my horror realised that it was a raccoon and it looked like it was about to attack any second.
Now our dogs were not only obedience trained, they had both won awards of excellence in advanced training. On this night, however, they appeared to have forgotten everything they had learned.
I grabbed Tara by the collar but fell while grasping at Pepper and the three of us ended up in a heap with me trying desperately to drag the two of them away. When I did manage to stand up again I had the two collars tightly grasped in my hands and started to drag the dogs towards the house. Unfortunately the elastic in my PJs was getting old and wasn't up to doing it's job while rolling in the snow with two large dogs so I ended up with my pants around my ankles, plowing through the snow back to the house dragging two very upset dogs. Although I realise that a snow covered naked man dragging two large snow covered dogs was probably a very funny site, at the time I would have prefferred getting some help rather than having the whole family inside the house roaring with laughter.
My oldest son finally came to my rescue and we got the dogs locked in for the night.
It was then I decided, no matter what the emergency, I would always take the time to dress appropriately before going out in the snow.