On a beautiful summer day I had been playing around on the beach with friends for quite a while but had to leave early for some reason lost to me at the moment.
I went into the swimming club hut and had a long shower to get rid of all the sand.
As I stepped out of the shower and was walking across the changing room to get my towel hanging by the door it suddenly burst open and Enid walked in.
“Oops!” she said and then “Well, too late now. Have you seen Tommy?” as she continued to stare.
“Enid, I'm naked and you are not supposed to be in here.” I yelled.
“Sorry! I was looking for Tommy,” She laughed “and there is no point in crossing your hands in front of you like that because I have already seen what's behind them.”
I hated it when people used my own kind of logic on me. We had always been good friends but this was taking friendship a bit far for me.
She threw me my towel.
"Anyway, It's not as though we haven't seen each other naked before" she stated.
“I have no idea what you are talking about,” I said.
“Don't you remember 'If you show me yours I'll show you mine'.” She asked.
I did……. when we were just little kids.
We had been playing in the long grass on the field behind the houses and she had come to me with the suggestion. I suppose all kids get around to it sometime but Enid was always a bit more inquisitive than most. I was a shy kid, the opposite of Enid, but could see no harm in it and I remember just saying “Ok” and keeping my end of the bargain after which she did the same. I think we were both pretty disappointed with what we saw and just continued on playing.
“That was well over ten years ago.” I commented.
“I was just updating then.” She laughed.
I broke out laughing. Enid could always make me laugh.
Tommy was her boyfriend but I hadn't seen him that day so I told her I didn't know where he was and started to push her towards the door.
“Sorry. I was on the pier and I thought I saw him come in here but it must have been you. I expected him to be dressed too by the time I got here.” She smiled. “Maybe I'll update my part of the deal for you one day but don't hold your breath.” She chuckled as she closed the door behind her.
Enid attended the same art college that I did although we seldom saw each other.
One lunch time at college a friend, Shirley, took my arm and said “Come with me I have something to show you.”
I was hesitant because I knew Shirley loved practical jokes and going off somewhere with her was asking for trouble.
I was standing with John and asked “Can John come too?”
“No. This is something only you would appreciate. Don't worry, you'll love this but I can't explain it so you'll have to see it for yourself” she insisted.
I figured she was going to show me a painting but she took me into the main building. The main building was a large rambling old house that had been added onto several times. We went up flight after flight of stairs until I thought we must be on the top floor but there was still one more narrow staircase to climb which opened onto a small room.
She went in first and I warily followed.
It was a very bright room with a dormer window and a door at the far end. By the furnishings it had obviously been used as a classroom but was much too small. It would have made a great artist's studio.
There was another student in there but she got up and left as soon as we walked in nodding to Shirley as she left.
The other door was ajar and I could see it led out onto a veranda of some sort overlooking the many varied rooves of the house.
We got to the door and she said. “Out you go. You just have to see this view.”
She gave me a gentle push and sent me through the door and shouted “Time for that update Enid.”
The door slammed and I heard it lock.
There in front of me was Enid sunbathing and wearing nothing but her ear rings.
She looked up startled at first and then realised what was going on. She stood up put her hands above her head and did a little pirouette.
“ I knew I shouldn't have told Shirley about this,” She laughed “but there you go 'updated'. “
I didn't know where to look I was so embarrassed but she did another turn and said “I'ts only fair after all. Tit for tat if you'll pardon the pun.”
That broke me up.
With both of us laughing Enid raised her voice and said “Come on out Shirley,” and then to me “unless you want to do some serious naked suntanning too. After all there is no point in either of us wearing clothes here since we have nothing to hide from each other.”
There was that logic again.
Enid put on some clothes and we sat at a little table in the sun drinking Coca Cola while they filled me in about this room with its beautiful little private veranda.
Some of the girls had found it earlier in the year and after making enquiries at the office were told it was not going to be used and they could do what they liked in there as long as they always left it as they found it. On nice days they would take advantage of the privacy to get suntans without tan lines always leaving someone inside 'just in case'.
Shirley had told everyone but Enid to stay away that lunch time and pulled her practical joke on her….and me.
I was sworn to secrecy about the room and asked never to go there uninvited....As though I ever would.
I never understood why I was the one who was so embarrassed when Enid walked in on me and yet when the tables were turned I was still the one to be embarrassed. Neither incident seemed to bother Enid in the least.